August 10, 2005

Rock Star:INXS - Worst idea ever!

From the Rockstar about page:
The Australian-based INXS has played over 4,000 live shows, sold over 30 million albums, and had No. 1 hit singles on four different continents before the tragic death of lead singer Michael Hutchence. Now, one talented new artist will become INXS' frontman or woman, record an album with the band and lead its next worldwide tour.
Good lord! Shouldn't they at least rename the band or something?

August 02, 2005

Fresh bubblegum on the way

Arjan writes:
Check out 20-year-old twins The Veronicas from Brisbane, Australia who play rock-styled pop. Their first single "Forever" is slated for release this summer and is taken from their debut album that will come out on Sire/Warner in October. The song is a spunky slice of teen powerpop that will be welcomed by fans of Pink, Avril and Kelly Clarkson.
What's not to like? Free mp3 available via Arjan's site: Hot New Talent Alert: The Veronicas

June 16, 2005

God bless record stores that buy used cds

Stereogum asks What's the Worst/Most Embarrassing CD You Ever Bought? C + C Music Factory has already been listed multiple times so you are going to have to try harder America. Mine would be 'Pump' by Aerosmith. Ick.

June 03, 2005

Musicrag now retro cool

Well there we go. I knew I put Musicrag somewhere. Turns out it was in an old cassette case labeled 'Wham's Greatest Hits'. I've been looking for it everywhere. Musicrag, not the George Michael thing. I guess now I'll post here ... or ya know ...not. * cough * Yeah, so sorry about that 2 year hiatus and all. We've been busy.

August 25, 2003

JazzOasis - Pat Metheny on Kenny G

Pat Metheny on Kenny G

December 04, 2002

The ex-Moldy Peaches?

Rather than the Moldy Peaches, it looks like they've just added more goofballs.

May 25, 2002

Which is better: The record label or the Cars song?

On June 4, I urge you to check out "High Society," the latest release from Enon. The band, which sounds somewhat like a mix of Devo, Soul Coughing, The Cardigans and Les Savy Fav, is on Touch and Go Records - home of everyone's favorite surf/sci-fi/quirk band Man...or Astroman?

Nearly every band thinks its sound is "original," but Enon's fits that adjective better than most. To some, this may be bad. I find it refreshing. At least listen to some mp3s. Not that musicrag either condones or condemns that.